Jewish Community Council of Victoria together with Zionism Victoria host an annual youth leaders dinner to discuss areas where they can offer assistance to the various youth movements.


Zionism Victoria’s host annual Yom Ha’atzmaut festivities include the infamous Blue and White night celebrations, catering to the young and old alike. There is also a Young Adults party for University aged students and young community members.


Connecting Cultures is a program run by Zionism Victoria. It plays a vital role in educating the broader community including both Primary and Secondary School students, making them more aware of what Judaism is and what Israel means to the Jewish people. Through either lectures, videos and life experiences, our speakers touch the souls of their audiences, who in return gain a positive insight into our special world. Participants can choose to visit – a synagogue, the Holocaust Museum, the Jewish Museum and the Beth Weizmann Jewish Community Centre to give them an overview of what Judaism is from three different perspectives – religious, historical and cultural.


Zionism Victoria host the Executive Meetings 6 times a year for their affiliates, which includes all the youth movement representatives and a number of Jewish Organisations across Melbourne.

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